Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good times at Bear Mountain Camp

Sonnie and Wilma Eberly
Lee and I had a wonderful evening with Sonnie and Wilma Eberly at Bear Mountain Camp. Sweet corn, homemade biscuits, salad, potatoes, beets and more graced the table. Of course the most fun at a dinner party is always the conversation. Stories of the past struggles, triumphs and just plain funny stuff always makes for a good evening. I think a home cooked meal in a nice quiet cabin always brings out the good stories.
Sonnie told us he used to be an army cook and cooked for over 200 guys at a time. So when the job of camp cook for a mere 20 or so came up he hardly blinked. According to Wilma, Sonnie isn't only a good cook for men at war or in the woods, he has been her cook for a long time. And now that he is retired he has dinner waiting for her. Wow! All I can say Wilma is you are one lucky girl. Of course, I think she knows that. I always like seeing how couples that do well together learn quickly that a long relationship is about supporting each other by doing the things each of you do best to make life a lot easier. I hope today's generation takes something away from their example.
Much of the evening's conversations float around the animals we have seen in the woods and the stories of being stuck on the road in bad weather. It was a nice cool evening and we ended our stay with the Eberlys talking out on the porch. Time seems to fly quickly when you are having a good time and it was close to 10pm before we left. Thanks again for a good evening....the mountain girls, Paula and Lee Anne.

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