Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun Things

The Stone People
Bottom of berry picker
 I found a set of strange tracks working near a camp in Cedar run. It seems some sort of stone family was out for a walk. Unfortunately, it appears that each stone person must hop on only one foot. I am imagining this is a difficult task since stone people are so heavy.
On another note, while at Sigman's Camp Cedar Pines they told me about their huckleberry picker and  let me borrow it. But alas all my huckleberries are gone, just blackberries to pick not sure if it will work on them, but I will give it a try. It is an interesting concept. The picker has a shelf on it a little way back to keep the berries in after you pick them. I am guessing you have to turn it over to get the berries out. They did say you had to sort some leaves and not so ripe ones out and it has a bit of a learning curve. But for the most part they said it works well.
The last item is not milk as you might think, but it is sugar. Lee went through 80lbs of sugar this last month and in order to save money we bought 20lb bags from Sam's Club. The 20lb bags are hard to work out of so Lee dried out some old gallon milk jugs and funneled the sugar into them. She said it pours out nicely and makes her job easier.
The hummingbirds are eating at a fast pace growing and getting ready to go South in the next month. The bears have been curbed by the electric
Top of Berry picker
 fence and I have had no more incidents since putting it up. Well, that is not quite true. Lee got shocked when she was unplugging it. That answered the question is it really on? The weather has cooled the last couple days and it has been nice to sleep and nicer to walk and work. I hope we are done with the horribly hot weather this year. We got rain with several storms, but it has had little affect on the level of the streams. The rain is keeping the forest and lawns green and that is about all. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.
Is it Milk?


Kate Sholonski (moderator) said...

Great examples of the trials and joys of living in the forest. I am sure there are more joys than trials....right?

June said...

You mention "Sigman's Camp Cedar Pines:" we are on our way to "Cedar Pines," between Slate and Cedar Run on rt 414, where the youngest child of my youngest brother is to be married August 18. We always called this "the camp" as it was actually an adult and then children's camp in the 1920s and 1930s. My father and mother, Carl and Ann Oechler, lived at Cedar Pines for quite a few years. The place stayed in the family but after they were gone, was used mostly as a hunting camp; the trees were destroyed in a wind storm some years ago and the outbuildings deteriorated until they had to be torn down. But with the wedding, the place has been fixed up. I am an oil painter and we'll be staying there for a month or so, so I can paint up and down the gorge. My mother grew up across the Creek from Tiadaughton, off the west rim road, at what was then a farm.