Saturday, February 16, 2013

Walk down past Cedar Crest Camp

Corner of Leetonia Road and Painter-Leetonia Rd 
Boot Spikes

Opossum Tracks

Today I took a walk down past Cedar Crest Camp and to the turn past the first narrow stretch about two and a half miles from my house. The temperature was around 25 degrees and a little breeze made it nippy at times. Saw my first opossum tracks of the year just in front of Mick's old place. Also saw a few fox tracks along the way, but otherwise not much to talk about in the way of animals. The road is fairly easy to travel with a four-wheel drive vehicle during the times it is below freezing. The base is from 0-3" thick and will soften when the temperature rise making travel a little more slippery. Best to stay in the absolute middle of the road if you attempt the unplowed roads. 
Walking on the roads when they are below freezing gives you a mixture of dirt, ice and snow and is best done with some spikes attached to make walking a little less tentative. Much of the South slopes of the mountain are melted off and during times the sun is out it is quite pleasant to sit in the warmth of the sun. The feral cat is still doing just fine, but still not anxious to be friends. If you get this email via email you will have to go to in order to see the video. You can feel the weather changing from winter to a bit more pleasant weather. I am not ready to call Spring yet, but I think we will have a few Spring-like days soon. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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