Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sixty degrees does battle with the Snow

North Side Snow

The Cat Lives
It got above 60 today for the first time this Spring. Even with these temperatures the snow on the North Side of the mountain is resisting leaving. However, the weather change allowed me to get out and clean-up from the mess left by snow and firewood. We even got the porch swing moved back to the front porch and sat out listening to the birds and watching the Robins on the front yard. Before the bugs come it is very pleasant to sit on the porch in this nice weather.
The other good news is the cat has returned after being run off by raccoons invading the garage. We have gone to putting food out for the cat only during the day and taking it up at night. The raccoon still got into the garage hoping for a left-over, when Lee Anne saw it she promptly went out with a stick to do something to it. I suggested that might not be a good strategy against a mad cornered raccoon. She got lucky or maybe the raccoon did as it hid somewhere not showing itself.  With the weather warmer and the cat hanging around, I will have to trap it so we can get it some shots and it doesn't get rabies or distemper from any of the wild animals. As it is now if it would scratch us we would have to go through shots and that would not be a very fun thing to do.  Our local shelter has a way to sedate feral cats inside the trap then neuter and vaccinate them, which is a great way to get a more than difficult problem solved.

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rockhouse said...

So glad to see that "kitty" has returned!