Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two days of Zero firewood use!

There is always something exciting about the first 24 hours of no firewood use to keep us warm. Yesterday, I awoke to a temperature of 68 degrees inside the house, a full ten degrees above normal for morning. I had to stop myself from an almost automatic march to the wood burner to start a fire. It got to 67 outside yesterday, which kept the wood use to zero. This morning was a repeat of the same, although the weather predictors are saying the temperatures will drop this afternoon and threaten my streak of firewood savings.
I sat in the sun on a chair in the front yard for a while before going to work and listened to the happy birds and enjoyed the feeling of a warm Spring morning.
When I drove into Wellsboro, everyone was outside walking with smiles on their faces. Winter weather makes one appreciate a nice day when we get it. Although, I am sure it won't be long before people are complaining about how hot it is...seems we love to find something to complain about. But for now I am watching the snow disappear from the north side of the mountain and enjoying a pleasant day in Leetonia. Mountain, girl, Paula, logging out.


Troutnut said...

I found your blog through the pa fly fishing forum. I'm glad I found it, I have a cabin on Francis rd on the Francis branch of Slate Run. Its called the Green Slipper. I love the area up there and am fascinated with the past. I've read several books about Leetonia. Its hard to imagine a population of 4,000 in that town during the lumber years. I will be checking the blog more often. Bryan

rockhouse said...

Good Morning,

Your fans are waiting.....need another posting, what's going on in Leetonia?

Your Friend from the West