Thursday, July 25, 2013

Electric Bear

Yesterday I put the electric fence back up around three sides of the house. The Garage effectively blocks the rest of the yard, unless the bear decided to try to go over the wire fence in another location. As of this morning nothing was touched so I am guessing the bear got the hint. Game on Mr. Bear!
The road closed signs can be pretty much ignored for the weekend as they promised me they wouldn't dig until Monday. Their proposed detour is crazy. It starts at Leetonia Rd/414 and takes you up through Morris/Wellsboro and back down 6 to Gaines. Really. Not necessary. You have total access to Leetonia it is really only the last mile to my house up Buck Run you should stay out of next week. 
And getting around the bridge out to go to Galeton/Gaines side should just be a minor Francis Leetonia/Cushman Road loop if they finish putting the gravel on the other side of the mountain by then. Don't try Cedar Mt road during the week as the pipe line trucks will scare the religion out of you. I thought logging trucks were bad, they look like babies compared to the trucks hauling pipe. So enjoy the last weekend of freedom past my house. I am sure the road won't be open before September again once they start. :(  Even in Leetonia we aren't away from the joys of summer construction. I will keep you updated on the progress. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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