Friday, July 19, 2013

Pa Grand Canyon Marathon

On July 28th, the first Grand Canyon Marathon will be held. Part of it will run down Painter Leetonia Rd. a mere five miles from my place so I will probably walk over and watch a bit. I hope for their sake it is much less humid and hot than it has been. Just walking in this weather is a challenge let alone running. I am putting a map of the run down below and you can use the flyover feature. My map is a little off distance wise but you get the idea. The race starts at 7 am and they only allow 6 hours to finish so it won't be a causal walk in the park.

Here is there web site for anyone interested in entering: Marathon If this isn't long enough for you they are doing an Ultra-Run 100k or 100 mile on Sept 7th. on Rails to Trails. The Ultra-Run down the Rail to Trail will be easier as far as elevation change, but a much longer distance.

Also heads up for those of you coming to the area avoid Elk Run/Cedar Mt Road as they are running pipeline trucks up and down loaded with pipe. Lee met one last week and said it was not a very pleasant experience.
The bears are out and about a lot lately. I have seen one everyday going in and out of the woods for last three days. Yesterday, I saw Snaggle Nose on the road at 1 PM just a couple hundred yards down from the house. He didn't want to get off the road and I worried the big bear might have a heat stroke before he finally jumped down to the creek. It got near 99 yesterday in Wellsboro and 94 back here along with similar humidity numbers. I had to look at snow pictures yesterday just to cool off.  Today won't be better but they are promising a little break for the weekend. I hope they are right. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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