Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Firewood split and stacked.

I have finally finished splitting and stacking firewood.  The wood that we will use this winter is under the porches and the wood stacked outside is for next winter.  Now I just have to clean up the bark mess and winterize the tractor.  What a relief to have that done before we get snow that piles up.

Speck got 5 teeth pulled on Monday but he is doing great and seems to be recovered.  We will be keeping him on a soft food diet for a few days and giving him anti-biotics for 7 days.  He doesn't seem to mind at this point.  Actually he prefers a soft diet.

Today there were 7 robins in our front yard.  It made me think it's going to be Spring instead of Winter.  I know you snow mobilers are anxious for good snow but I would be happy for it to hold off for a little while.

My sister Diane requested that I post when Paula is busy working so I will give it a try when I can think of something to write.  This is Lee signing off until next time.


Diane said...

Lee...that looks like a very large amount of wood! Are you sure it isn't for 2014 and 2015!!!

rockhouse said...

You sure did a nice job on splitting and stacking so much wood.....love the "speck".

Anonymous said...

Smart thinking doing the wood early. I do the same thing, not just for wood, but for Christmas lights. I will get them up when its warm, instead of mid December when its freezing