Saturday, March 14, 2015

Maple time only in PA

Maple Syrup time in the cemetery
Just when you think you seen it all. I found these maple trees scattered in the cemetery all being tapped. I wonder if the syrup is a bit sweeter there? It might depend on who is buried near the tree. Maple syrup time is in full swing and so is melting time. It rained this morning and we are now officially half mud and half snow/slush. Don't even think about traveling any unplowed road in the State Forest. Everything on the south side of the mountains has melted and everything on North side is still more than a foot deep.
The warm weather has brought the Turkeys out. This has made the little chihuahua quite happy as he missed being able to roll in fresh turkey poop. Shortly, after his bath his turned himself green rolling. Lee was not happy to repeat his bath.
We all have enjoyed temperatures as high as 50 degrees this week. Attitudes improve greatly with the warming of the weather and the longer light times. My wood pile is disappearing much slower and the cart of wood last 2 days instead of a half day. I got to spend a short time sitting on the porch in the sun this week the first time since Fall. I will let you all know when the roads are plowed. If you attempt to drive up before then good will need it. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out

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rockhouse said...

Good Morning and thanks for the post. Always appreciate hearing from you, even if I accidentally take a wrong turn and end up in Leetonia. Wish I was closer.......Going to 60 F today and the snow is melting, yeah! Fred Espenship, Evergreen, CO.