Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring forward?

Skiing down Leetonia Rd

Leetonia Rd south of house
Intersection Leetonia Road Cedar Mtn Rd. looking down Cedar Mtn Rd.
The time changed last night but alas the roads are holding fast with snow. The next few weeks will be the most difficult time to travel any unplowed roads in the State Forest. Bare spots often lull people into thinking all is okay until they travel just far enough up the road to be stuck. The roads will be plowed open by April 15th and I would highly recommend waiting until they are plowed to attempt traveling down any unplowed roads without a snowmobile.

I cross-country skied down Leetonia Road a mile to the intersection of Cedar Mtn Road this morning. You could hear the sound of the snow melting and gurgling down the creeks. Our house is a great place to live if you like skiing or snowmobiling as you just walk out the door and go. It was quiet out as I saw not one snowmobile. Scooter went with me and was happy for the 32 degrees and a nice walk. We flushed up a couple of grouse in the pines on our way down the hill. The places the snowmobile grader has gone are nice and flat compared to the short mile I traveled full of humps and bumps. Last week gave us more snow and some nasty -18 weather. This week promises temperatures in the 40's and renews a hope that Spring is just around the corner. I enjoy the fact the day light hours are now a bit longer that with a combination of the time change will allow a lot more light at the end of a work day.  

I am looking forward to seeing some other colors beside white and grey. I know the trees are anxious to start growing once again as well. Taps are in the maple trees and the sap is flowing on these above freezing days. The Maple festivals will be in full bloom by the third week of March. The sap bring syrup and life to the trees to again embrace a time of growing and warmth. I love the beauty of winter but I will not miss the sting of its cold air. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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