Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Never Ending Winter

Snowmobiles finding plowed road

Multiple snowmobile turn arounds

last of front porch wood
Well today is the last of February and the wood on the front porch has made it through the cold weather as Lee predicated. We still have wood on the back porch for what should be the down side of winter the next few months. Although, the official end of Winter is March 21st the end of using firewood often does not come until May. We have had many below zero temperatures this winter and are hoping this morning's -12 is the last of them. Unlike the winter of 2012 when winter never showed this winter and last has had cold temperatures driving the depth of frost deep.  Last year there was still ice on the ground in April and I had a hard time getting water to start in two of the camps I take care of. This year is more of the same. We are very much hoping for the above freezing temperatures promised for next week although that will lead to the dreaded melting March combo's of mud, ice, rain, snow and whatever mother nature can think of.

For those of you thinking of driving your regular vehicle through the State Forest I would advise against it for now. No one will pull you out and it will be April before the road is plowed again. When the weather gets above freezing the nice packed snow you might have driven on will become a deep wet snow trap. One winter Lee and I spent 4 hours making the trip from Cedar Run up to the house and I walked the last 3 miles to get the snowmobile so I could pick up the groceries and Lee. Once the road refroze over night driving out again became possible. Best to wait a couple months, or plan on skiing, hiking, or snowmobling into camp for now.

We have more snow in the forecast for Sunday then a nice warm up next week.  Today we are enjoying the comfort of a good fire listening to the snow come off the roof and the snowmobilers turning around at the sight of plowed road from our house up. Enjoy the weekend in the woods safely. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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