Thursday, April 2, 2015

Road Conditions for the weekend

Just an update on Leetonia Rd. coming up from Cedar Run. The road is 75% melted. The stretches that are ice run 1/4 to 1/2 mile long. The two sections of narrow road right before Leetonia is one of those. I came up without chains as it was raining and warm. I traveled slow in four-wheel drive through the icy sections and was fine. However during times the temperatures drop below freezing these areas could become very slick and hazardous. On a mountain girl scale of 1-10(10 being forget it, 1 being flat-lander safe) today with above freezing weather. I give it a four. I still recommend having chains with you for weather changes and four-wheel drive is the best. From Leetonia up to our place it is icy under the trees to Micks old place. Then the last mile to our house is the deepest of all the slush ice anywhere. After our place you are home free if you stay on Leetonia Rd. Just remember sides of the mountain the sun don't hit are still going to have ice and snow.
Tuesday we got 5 inches of snow. I didn't want to post anymore snow pictures so look at the last two posts if you want to remember what snow looks like. Most of that snow melted in the 55 degree weather today up top and the 65 degree day in Wellsboro. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out and hoping Spring comes and stays.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry we didn't know about this bog earlier, cause if it wasn't for Lee, we'd still be in a ditch waitin to lasso the next deer to come by to ride em for help!