Monday, May 25, 2015

That Dam Thing

Austin Dam Ruins

Austin Dam Ruins

Memorial Plaque
Yesterday we were at a wedding for some friends at Austin Dam. I have driven by it several times on 872, but never entered the park. The Memorial Park opening is quite a distance before the dam on the right as you are heading south from Coudersport to Austin. The road to it is rough, narrow and feels more like a donkey trail than a road. Just about the time you sure you are lost it will appear at first on the left from above. It is definitely worth the trip to see what mere water is able to do. It cut through and moved these large concrete structures like they were pebbles and killed 78 people in the process who names are on the plaque below the dam. The dam was never rebuilt and the town now remains small compared to what it was during the flood.
Newpaper article click to read.

Inside of dam before flood

Business destroyed

Not much left standing

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