Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shoe line at Cedar Run

Just past the bridge over Cedar Run North on 414 runs a guy wire that supports a telephone pole. On this wire every year is an increasing number of shoes. How and why the shoes are there is a mystery. According to Charlotte at Cedar Run Inn the first pair appeared a number of years back after a motorcycle accident near there killed a person. If this is the reason the first pair appeared it might seem like some sort of memorial. But for what ever reason the shoes keep coming every summer. They fall off when the laces rot and I am sure there is some sort of talent involved in tossing them just right to hang there since it is up about 20' off the road.
If you or anyone you know has been part of this ritual I would sure like to talk to you. The pair up on the left is nicer than some shoes I have and if it wasn't so high I would be tempted to retrieve them, but I can't tell if they are my size. There are five pairs this year a bumper crop of wire shoes. Usually there is only one or two pair. You would think with the economy being rough you wouldn't want your shoes to end up on a wire. It is the small mysteries that make me wonder. I guess I have a simple mind. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out!

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