Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold temps and snow continues

We got another 4-6 inches of snow yesterday and it is started to be hard to push it anywhere. The last snow was very wet and froze into a solid mass on the edges of my drive. Hitting it is like hitting a wall. The trees did look pretty this morning with a fresh coating of snow and it seems very quiet after a snow.
The wind brought lower temps for today. I woke up to -5 outside and 53 degrees inside. On mornings like this the first priority is getting the heat going. I got the new windows in at the school and am hoping this will let me heat the place above freezing so I can work a little easier glove free. The electric conduit needs to be complete by next Tuesday when they spray the expanding foam insulation. After the place is insulated heating it will be much easier. The dogs are cuddled up as close to the fire as possible and I am feeling a bit envious this morning. The thought of working all day in this cold is not pleasing.
A gas well worker was killed in a vehicle accident at the jobsite last week. Reminding me to be very careful on these slippery roads. The loggers take their big rigs up in the woods all winter and I marvel at their courage to take large trucks into place most of us wouldn't take much less than a snowmobile. The work around here in the woods and gas lines is very dangerous and my hat goes off to those workers willing to risk it all for a paycheck. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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