Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter is still here

This is the time of year when I get tired of winter. It is unfortunate because we have at least 2 more months of bad weather to go. We have gotten several small snows over the last few weeks the largest one being around 6". In between snow we got freezing rain which has left a hard crust on top of the snow. Speck, the chihuahua, is loving being able to walk on top the snow without sinking. The rest of the dogs and I are intermittent with staying on top. It is not a pleasant surprise to be walking on top and then suddenly drop through the crust. This often is followed by the rest of me knelling in the snow.
The deer aren't fairing any better. Their sharp hooves let their bodies drop through and make them slow moving targets for predators or worse give them a broken leg. One such deer is laying in the middle of the road about a mile up from me. The deer is mostly eaten by predators and is providing a mid-winter feast to a few crows. I watched other deer who get in the road happy to run somewhere with no snow, but as soon as they jump off the road they are belly deep in snow and struggle to move.
I am slowly working on the school house in the cold weather. The outhouse isn't nearly as fun to use when you have multilayers of clothes to remove. Stepping off a foot high snow pile into the outhouse yesterday, caused me to misjudge my height as I entered it yesterday knocking myself in the head on the top frame of the door. As I trudge to it knee deep in snow I often think about the kids going to school here long ago doing the same thing and feel much empathy towards them.
I had two days I couldn't work this week one due to weather and one due to a dentist appointment and a broken snowmobile tow for someone. So I am making it up this weekend. Thinking of stopping into the snowmobile club for breakfast tomorrow morning before I work. All you can eat sounds good before a day in the cold. All I can say is the groundhog best be right and Spring is early...cause I am ready. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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