Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maynard School progress

Just thought I would post some progress pictures on Maynard School house project. I had a company come in that sprays expanding foam insulation in. You can see how tightly it filled the walls and cracks. Even without insulation in ceiling and floor there is a significant difference in the building.
I fir stipped the walls as they didn't have even spaced or sized studs trying to get the wall as flat as possible. This also allows me to put the board in vertically and have tapered seams which mud much nicer.
The lower part of the wall is going to get vertical pine with a sill running at the height of the bottom of the windows completely around the room. Just above the tops of the windows will be a drop ceiling, which will allow me to put a level ceiling in to match windows. However, there is not much that can be done with the floor that slopes off as much as two inches to one side. Leveling that isn't in the budget so we will have to settle for level windows and ceiling.

In the area of the old chalk board the pine will be lower to allow an area to place the board back up. We did some major retying of the roof rafters and ended up doing some repair on two broken ones. One had broken completely in two. I have some more holes to varmint proof in the attic before I put in the insulation, which will be 12" blown in cellouse.

The weather warmed up so much today, I worked without a coat all day and felt hot. The roads started melting and made for a slushy slide home. Roads with significant snow on them in unplowed areas are basically impassable until the weather freezes or they melt a lot more. There is as much as 12" of slushy snow on some roads. Other roads in the sunny areas may be down to the bare dirt. It can be easy to start up a road that looks good only to find yourself in a bad situation fast. So be careful if you are coming up. The tow guys charge a pretty penny to come back if you can find one that will.
On a sadder note, Bravo Button's wife Helen passed away from her battle with cancer. Helen was the election judge for our township and spent many a day in the school house I am working on counting ballets. Sadly, she won't be around to enjoy a much warmer and nicer building to work in. Our sympathies go out to Bravo and his family. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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