Saturday, June 11, 2011

Morris Rattlesnake Festival

The 2011 Morris Rattlesnake festival was in full swing this weekend. It is always a treat for young and old to see a snake close up and touch it if they would like. I don't know what the longest snake brought in was at this point of the contest. They have categories for the longest yellow timber rattler and the longest black timber rattler. All snakes must be returned to the point they were captured by the hunters after they are released from judging.
People are still cleaning up from the memorial weekend storms and finding out what their insurance covers and what it does not. It is never nice to find out your coverage don't count during
I noticed the Mountain Laurel is beginning to bloom on top Cedar Mountain. The Mountain Laurel festival events run in Wellsboro all next week and weekend. The blooming should be good for a couple weeks barring we don't have any more high wind storms.
The granddaughter went home Thursday so I will get back to work a bit more seriously now and try to make up for lost time due to weather and visitors. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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