Friday, June 17, 2011

Road Clarification

For all you coming up this weekend from the south. There is a sign on 44 saying road is only open to Waterville...IGNORE THIS. ROAD IS OPEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH 414! It is very confusing but there are no detours to Leetonia. Happy travels. Mountain girl, Paula


Anonymous said...

Is the road paved?

Anonymous said...

Hi All: I'm sure to alot of camp owners and travelers 44 being closed at the 414 &44 branch off is to say "frustrating" to say least!Gee anyone have anyone have knowledge on when the road maybe reopened? Whats the cause of bridge out closuer..could all those tank trucks for fracking at the gas drill sites ripping up pa. have anything to do with it?hmmm I've been traveling those routes since late sixtys ..and let me tell you have never seen the blatent disreguard of personal,couny and state properties.The whole attraction to the God's Country...and all the other natural resourse's are being diminished & slowly destroyed before our eyes! Hope its not too late but am fearful that its pretty close. God Bless America we need it... My Weary Old Bones