Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mountain Blanket

Mountain Laurel blankets the sides of Cedar Mountain with hues of white and pink flowers. If you have never seen the mountain covered in this flower this week is the time to see it. Soon the blossoms will fall and the forest will be green until fall color season.
Last week was the Mountain Laurel festival in Wellsboro. I ended up working through the weekend and didn't get a chance to go. But I get to see the flower daily that give the festival its name.
I count myself lucky to live up here even though the work is hard. My typical drive to work through the green forest watching the animals
cross the road is never disappointing.
During the weekdays I encounter few other cars. I saw Turkey, deer, grouse, and one very large bear.
Seems to be quite a few bear in Leetonia looking for a free handout from camp owners. I had to stop feeding the birds years ago when the number of bear in my yard day or night became a problem for my dogs. I never opened the door without looking first to make sure one of the bruins wasn't walking outside. They can be hard to see in the dark and they are amazingly quiet for such large animals. Fencing an area for the dogs to go at night is keeping my dog/bear emergencies to a minimum. Living with nature is a joy but also an adaptation to how you think about daily activities. Weather plays a big role all year. Any plans you make can be quickly changed by rain, wind, ice or snow. Respect for what the weather can do is essential to living as accident free as possible. Watching the sides of the road for the sudden deer or bear appearance keeps your vehicle dent free. Surviving the gravel roads effect on your car or truck is unavoidable. Tires, suspension, paint last half as long. Three ply tires last just about as long as it takes you to change them. I changed the first one on my Cruiser I picked up a month ago. A stone the size and shape of my index finger pierced the tire beyond a plug fix. I expect by the end of summer to have four upgraded tires as they all gradually are destroyed by the roads. Knowing how to change a tire is a basic necessity as well as having a good spare. In an average summer I fix about four tires between the two vehicles. Getting help could take you most the day. But I have noticed the vehicles I am getting keep having bigger and bigger tires. Lifting these on and off the vehicle is less and less fun. Course I could live somewhere with instant cell coverage and help....no it is worth the trade. I still love it in the mountains of Leetonia and I know I always will. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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