Friday, July 1, 2011

Robin transplant and log cabin

Good news for this baby robin. I was working to power wash a log cabin for painting and there was a robin nest with 3 eggs in the way. I decided to see if I could move it to a bush a few feet away. I wasn't sure mother would find it. But she did and hatched at least one of the three eggs. The baby is hungry all the time and hopefully it will survive and fly.
Anyone who loves the woods loves the sight of a little log cabin nestled among the trees. Such is the cabin I am working on now a little 20 foot by 22 foot cabin with a loft. A new owner bought it and wanted it stained. While power washing it I noticed it had an infestation of powder post
beetles. You can see the holes about the size of pencil lead in the logs especially in one corner. Unfortunately, this has gone on too long. Previous owners stacked firewood and other wood under and near the cabin. The wood rotted and brought the pests. The have eaten through about 10 feet of this bottom log and as you can see eaten the plate board it was sitting on.
The log will have to be replaced along with the plate. Wood cabins must be stained every five years now with the changes in safer paint(shorter lasting paint). If you want the beauty of logs consider the work of maintaining them and never stack firewood near any wood camp during summer months when bugs are active. It will be a lot of work to fix the damage on this place. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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