Wednesday, July 6, 2011

log time

Well anyone who read the last blog noticed I was working on staining a log cabin when I discovered rotten logs.
It ended up the whole bottom log was rotten for about seven feet including the bottom plate. The log was eight inch high red pine and since I was unable to find any kiln dry pine that large, I cut one on my property to match.
You can see I then split the log in half as I built the back of the log up with treated lumber to the half way point. The first log isn't visible from the inside of house since it is under the floor or I would have needed to put in an entire log or log side both sides.
Since these logs are very green I am trying to fast dry them on the south side of my house under a plastic sheet. I figure in 2-4 weeks I can get quite a bit of the moisture out. The rest of the drying will need to take place on the cabin after they are installed. I am hoping for them to be dry enough to take on some preservative. Of course the preservative will need to be put on again toward the end of next summer when they are drier.
Once I get them in place I will post them again. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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Rob Martin said...

This looks like a buggy situation for the cabin owner. Good way to resolve the problem. Rob