Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It isn't often that I get political here but most of you who read this blog do it because you love the forest of Leetonia. It seems there is always something threatening the natural state of the forest, but I have to say this new way is very concerning to me. It is about GMO trees and how they can change the way our forest looks and works. If you have time you should all watch A Silent Forest. It is a 45 minute commitment but worth the time to understand this issue. I never realized how much a genetically engineered tree could change our forest, even if they aren't planted here. The pollen drift from trees planted in Michigan could infect our trees and completely change the plant and animal life for the worse.
What would our forest be like if it no longer produced anything animals could eat and it literally became toxic to the earth it was rooted in? What if every time the wind blew most of the trees fell and they were constantly eaten by bugs who had muted to be resistant to them? These are a few of the questions the film presents and helps you to understand the health risk to humans and animals these foreign organisms represent.
Many of you know the feeling of walking through the forest and breathing in fresh air and feeling a sense of calm and peace. I hope this never ends and I feel it is my duty to educate myself and others to any dangers posing a threat to this peace. I would like to say enjoy the movie, but it is hard to watch. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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Nothing is safe from the mighty dollar!!