Friday, March 22, 2013

Wood Prediction according to the porch

Firewood on left front porch

Firewood on right front porch
In the 11 years we have lived up here we have never used more firewood than the front and back porch can hold. As of today these couple stacks of firewood are all that is left on either porch. This year's firewood use has been different as it is continuing to be as cold in March as it was in February. Last year it was unseasonably warm this month getting into the 60's and 70's and we ended up with firewood left on the porch. I have noticed that for every 30 degrees drop in temperature we use an additional cart full of  firewood. So when it is 65 we use basically none, when it is 35 we use 1 cart full, 5 degrees 2 cart fulls, 25 below 3 cart fulls. So with the temperatures ranging from single digits to 25 we are using twice as much wood this month as normal.
Now I may have totally confused you as to my point. But we are due for a fast warm up if the wood on the front porch is to last. So I am sticking my neck out here and saying the probability of a quick warm-up is definitely in our favor due to the porch prediction. We can go through the rest of March this way, but April will need to see some 50 plus weather to balance out the use of firewood. 
Now for those of you worried we will freeze once the porch is gone, have no fear, we have other wood stacked away from the house. However, the wood miser is very jealous of the pile and will not easily use it. We do like the wood to be gone during summer month that is stacked close to house due to the bugs in wood affecting our house and just the moisture of having the wood stacked against wood siding isn't good for it. I will let you all know if the porch predicts the end of the heating season accurately this hasn't failed us yet, so I am hopeful. Let the heavy coat and boot days end, the mountain girls are ready for Spring. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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