Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where did Spring Go?

The sun is up this morning but the temperature is 9 degrees, not a very good showing for the second day of Spring. We haven't been able to break the cycle of repeated small amounts of snow each week so many of the roads on North sides of mountain and in higher elevation are still covered in snow and ice. We got about three inches two days ago followed by freezing rain giving the snow a crunchy top. During times the temperatures or sun get the road above freezing it quickly turns to slippery mud gathering on your tires and wheel wells thickly then freezing at night so that moving your tires can be a challenge the next day.
At this point everyone is ready for some real Spring that lasts. The contrast between this year and last where we hardly had a winter is making this one seem very long indeed.
At least today the sun is out giving us hope that it will warm up quickly and take the single digit temperature away. I haven't been down the road towards the Cedar Run direction in a while so I am not sure how bad it is. I am hoping to make a trip down that way in the next week if things improve. Trout season is just around the corner so whoever is in charge of Spring needs to start waking up. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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