Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hummingbird time

Feeders waiting for birds

Green moss gathers sun

Small Fire Cherry tree
Well the first of May is time for hummingbirds. Lee has put out a few feeders for the early birds, but the 31 degrees this morning wasn't too welcoming. As of this morning we have not spotted the first one, which will be a male scouting for territory. Once we see our little friends we know warm weather is definitely on the roll.
Walking up the mountain in the morning is wonderful. Starting with cool weather and ending with a warm hug from the sun. The green moss on the rocks almost seems to glow as it soaks up the Spring sun before the trees get leaves on and shade them from the intense summer sun. Things are starting to bloom like the small Fire Cherry Tree in the bottom picture. The red buds are out in town as well as the Rhododendrons, tulips and a variety of Spring color. For those of you with tree allergies now is not a good time to visit the fores. The maples, willows and other trees are blooming and tossing pollen everywhere.
The deer seem to be moving around a lot the last couple days, but the turkeys have gone into hiding from the hunters. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they figure out it is gobbler season. 
On the drive home the other night Lee said, "I've seen deer, turkey, porcupine, but I haven't seen a bear this year." 
It was almost like she commanded one to appear as she had barely finished the sentence when a small bear ran across the road in front of us. We both laughed at the fulfillment of Lee's request so quickly. It is always entertaining to drive home as we never know what we will see...perhaps an Elk or Mountain Lion, you never know. 
The warm weather also brings grass cutting and camp opening and repairs so we have gone from little work to seven day a week work. We are well into the work mode. For the rest of you coming here on vacation enjoy the beauty of the change from Winter to Spring. Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.


buckstrang said...

Good to hear from you hope all is well

rockhouse said...

Our hummer just arrived here in Colorado mountains......but he (she) is lonely!