Friday, May 24, 2013

The New and the COLD

My mom is up to visit and on our way into Wellsboro they were treated with the arrival of a new fawn. The Fawn still slightly wet around the neck stumbled into the path of our car as its mother stomped angrily in the forest behind it. It baa-ed a distress signal as I tried to get a few pictures of it and herd it out of our way. Just barely able to walk it was a joy to see. Just a quick warning do not try to rescue any fawns you see alone. They are left for long periods of time by their mothers who return to them periodically to feed them. They often freeze laying in one spot and may appear abandoned, but unless you see a dead mother along the road near them be assured they are quit well.
On the cold side our hummingbirds are pumping themselves full of sugar to make it through a night that promises to be on the very cold and frozen side. I expect a frost tonight with temps in lower 30's and the same for most of the weekend. So bring plenty of firewood and lots of warm clothes if you are planning a camp out. I have also spotted a lot of bears moving around so keep your food out of their reach. Lee has seen new triplets two days in a row and many other mothers are out and about. Have a safe and fun weekend. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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rockhouse said...

Great picture of the baby deer.....lucky your Mom got to see this special moment It's been cold here too.....winter just won't let go!

Evergreen, Colorado