Saturday, February 15, 2014

Porky pining away in Leetonia

Nap Time for Porky

Pettite's Camp

Steele Waters

Pine Lined road

Valley Hi

It was a perfect snow day to cross country ski down to Leetonia. The snowmobiles were running but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't share the road with them. It was a beautiful day to be out and on silent skis I see a bit more than the faster noisier sleds.

The first thing I saw was a deer about a half mile from my house who decided I was too strange to take a chance on and headed back up into the woods. Then as I approached the sharp turn before Mick's old place within ten foot of the road sat a porcupine no farther than about eight foot above the road. He was sound asleep and it was hard to tell that he wasn't dead. He just hung there breathing slowly and from the looks of the hemlock tree he might of been dreaming of the bark and leaves he ate the night before. I often see porcupines up in the trees during the winter sleeping but they are usually much higher so I was able to get a nice picture of him before I headed on down to Leetonia. 

There wasn't a living soul in Leetonia, but I always feel the presence of old residents especially when everyone else is gone. Everything is white sprinkled with tall green pines and quiet except for a few snowmobiles.  We have had so much snow I am starting to go a bit winter blind. I am definitely ready to see some other color beside white. I skied down to the Ruins and back getting a short video of a few snowmobilers. I was surprised to see my sleepy little friend still resting on the low branch even though several sleds had noisily ripped by him. 

Cross country skiing on the snowmobile road isn't bad but you do have to watch out for them coming around the corners. Also it is a bit rougher than a trail groomed for skiing, but not as bad as going across unpacked snow which is now over two foot deep in some places. If I am not too stiff I may get out again tomorrow. It always feels good to breath the air and see the animals of Leetonia. Mountian girl, Paula, logging out.


Pianoman said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on everything up North. For those of us who can't make it back in during the winter time, reading your posts takes as away...if for just a bit.
Piano Man

Pianoman said...

Thank you for taking the time to post your pictures and comments. For those of us who are unable to make it back in during the winter time, it takes us away....if even for just a bit.
Dave (Piano Man)