Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowmobile Paradise

Wood dogs buried

White Out

"Speck get out of your bed, I know I can fit."
We got a good sixteen inches of snow Wednesday and it took three hours using the neighbor's four-wheeler to plow out. The four-wheeler plow really doesn't like anymore than a foot of snow and the only way to clear the snow off was in layers, starting on top and working my way down. Since we had some freezing rain/sleet under the snow it causes the four-wheeler to get stuck more than once. But after much pushing, pulling and one snapped cable we got it done at 8:30 PM. Four-wheelers don't cushion the blow of hitting a big pile of snow so after three hours I ached all over. Thank goodness this snow was light or I don't think I could have moved it at all.

The next day the temperatures plunged again below zero to -18. It did warm up to the 20's during the day and has stayed about the same temperatures for the last couple days. Today it again started snowing and the 1 inch we were supposed to have has already turned to 2 and likely to be 3 before it stops. So it looks like more plowing tonight.

The good news is for the snowmobilers, skiers and lovers of snow. It is perfect for all to play. The snowmobliers have been running like buzzing bees all over the mountain. I would have to say this is the best it has been for snowmobiles the entire season. It doesn't look like anything will change during the next week as temperatures will stay from slightly below zero to mid-twenties all week. The deer are having a rough time moving through the deep snow and will be more prone to winter death from starving and other animals attacking them. They have been herding up as usual for this time of year to aid in clearing snow. They get on the road and don't like to jump off into deep snow, so try not to run them with vehicles anymore than necessary.

I haven't been down the road towards Cedar Run since this last snow and am not sure it is passable. There could have been some slides with all the snow being light and coming so fast. My suggestion is snowmobile only except in plowed areas.

Leo has been trying to take over Speck's bed the last few weeks. For some reason he thinks he should fit in this tiny bed. I don't think Speck appreciates the invasion. We are all looking forward to a little warmer weather soon as cabin fever has affected many in the area. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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rockhouse said...

Brrrrrrr.......Leo & Speck chilling out. Great posting....keep 'em coming.

Evergreen, Colorado