Monday, February 24, 2014

Mountain girls break from the weather

Top of the Mountain


In front of house
Lee and I left for the first time in twelve years during a winter weekend. We didn't have to go far south to find the snow gone. Unfortunately, when we came back Monday our snow had not disappeared much. I did notice about a foot drop in some of the piles and a few places the plowed road are down to the dirt. The unplowed roads are icy, hard-packed snow with lots of snowmobile hills on them. Not good cross-country ski snow. You might be able to travel them in a four-wheel drive vehicle with chains if you stay exactly in the middle. It will be a difficult journey and if the temperatures rise it could get tricky. Right now it looks like the weather will be below freezing for highs during the next ten days and no significant snowfall. Although I don't trust any forecast more than a day in advance as it seems they are constantly changing their minds.

February will not be the month to take the snow of this mountain. March is always our melting month and can be the most difficult month to travel unplowed areas of the forest. I am hoping March can make a dent in the snow cover as I am more than ready to see the ground again. Spring is only a month away and I am hoping not much snow remains when April arrives. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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