Sunday, January 6, 2008

Starting the New Year 2008

New Year's Eve celebration at Cedar Run Inn wouldn't be complete without the traditional naughty snowman. I will say this year's snowman is more presentable than in years past so you get the idea of valley humor with only a PG rating.

About a dozen or so people attended Charlotte and Stanely Dudkin's annual celebration, which manly includes her family, past and present

The second picture is Cozzette and her husband John Stoltzfus. Cozzette works at the Inn and "Johnny" is a local handyman.

The third picture is Albert,"Sonny", Margaret's husband. Margaret is Charlotte's sister. As you can see Sonny is very excited about 2008 to the point of barely keeping his eyes open.

The annual required game of Pictionary was played and I am happy to say for the first year I was on the winning team. Never let Charlotte and her sisters: Margaret and June on the same team. They have some sort of psychic link and beat all of us terribly.

A champagne toast brought in the New Year at Cedar Run. No ball dropping or famous Celebrities except on the Television, but memories made at a place less touched by the chaos of the world. A place where playing simple games and spending time with modern day mountain folk is still fun.
We've only missed this celebration once when the roads were too icy from Leetonia to Cedar Run to dare the trip. This night the roads although not great(narrow in a couple places due to snow slides) were passable by those of us immune to the fears of sliding off. Well maybe not immune, but we tremor a little less than the person who doesn't know every rock and stone of the way.
Coming home that night we reminisced about each spot of the road we have been stuck at since moving up here. I will tell you knowledge of the road does not come cheap. Rarely a mile goes by that we can't point out a spot we have had to dig ourselves out of or walk home. The worst being my 3 mile walk home in absolute darkness (no flashlight) although I did have my dog,Jack, whom I couldn't see most of the way. Jack would check in on me with a cold nose to my hand and thank goodness I knew it was a dog and not a bear or big cat. The reflection off of the snow made it barely possible to see where to place your feet. I can tell you a three-mile shuffle, wet from kneeling in the snow digging your car out multiple times, was not fun. But isn't that what memories are made of, "trials."
So in the gloom of my trials or the joys of my celebrations, I know one thing, it will make a good story to tell the grand-children. So 2008, time for the next Chapter in the Mountain Girls' story.

Mountain Girl, Paula, wishing you a Great 2008!

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