Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sounds of Leetonia

There is nothing like the sound of the creek on a beautiful Spring day in Leetonia. This is Buck Run in front of the house and the recent rain has keep the creek running well and clear. The day started in the lower 40's but quickly warmed up and it is expected to get into the 70's today. Things always seem greener and fresher after a rain. The only downside is the bugs are quick to follow. There is a ton of lazy flies out and some no see-ums. This is the only thing about summer I don't like.
On my way down to look at a fallen tree in Leetonia a young bear ran across the road up into the forest. Scooter didn't care for that and gave a quick growl to hurry the bear along. The light sparkles through the trees in rays upon the road and the sounds of birds are everywhere. This is the pay off for making it through another winter of cold and silence. The weather for the weekend is looking like some rain at this point. But you never know until it happens. On the days they say it will rain it is often the nicest day of the week. Enjoy the creek if you listen close enough you can hear the birds as well. Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.

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