Monday, August 30, 2010

Firewood time

One advantage of living in the woods is firewood. We heat mainly with wood as the propane company will not deliver to us in the winter.
I used to run around the woods(with a permit, State don't let you just pick it up) and find wood. It can be a long, costly job, that is often hindered by weather. Then I found out the local loggers would deliver a tri-axel load which amounts to about 10 cords after you split it.
Now I can run out even if it is muddy and cut wood. It is still a big job even with the splitter, but it is part of living here.
There are two seasons up here firewood gathering season and firewood burning season. Sometimes the two overlap a bit in Spring and Fall. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing a long row of neatly split wood, stacked and ready for winter. It makes you feel rich. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out and cutting logs.

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