Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weed or feed?

A few seconds before I took this picture several finches were making a meal of this weed. They were too shy to appear. Sometimes we are so quick to get rid of weeds we find unappealing that provide food to our feathered friends. I know I am guilty of cutting way more down than I should. Then what do you do buy food to feed the birds to replace the natural food you eliminated.
The multifloria rose I hate with a passion provides cover for rabbits and nesting turkeys. It also provides a mid-winter snack of berries when food source it low. Unfortunately after the turkeys eat the berry they spread the seed inside somewhere else to grow again. Good for them...not so good for me.
The hummingbirds maxed out with new babies this last month and the males have already headed south to stake claim to a winter territory. It was 42 this morning and even though we have more warm before winter it does remind you that colder weather is on its way.
My foot is healing up well and I am able to walk on it some. Although, the doctor wanted me to stay off it 2 weeks, I will be lucky to follow his instructions. We are starting to think about wood for the winter(next years we have this years) and have been wondering when a load of logs promised over a month ago will show up. Loggers have been working in the area and I found the best way to get firewood is to have a tri-axle load dropped off so we can cut and split it here. It is much faster and easier on my truck and body then running all over the woods. I figured out the time and money I spent looking for it cost me more than the tri-axle delivered.
It is a beautiful day today and I hope to spend a little of it outside. Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.

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