Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowmobile Paradise

Snow House

 Well, we had 11" of snow last night and I am sure 3 or more inches on top the mountain. The weather is near 32 for highs so the snow is getting heavy fast. It was hard to clear with the four-wheeler. I made it only cause I cleared about 8" last night when it was lighter.
The snowmobilers are out and I am sure it will be a great weekend for them as more snow in smaller amounts is scheduled for the weekend. If you are planing on coming up the only road plowed is from Parker Hollow on Leetonia Rd to the intersection of  Cedar Mountain Rd., otherwise you will be dodging snowmobilers on very difficult roads.
The Chihuahua, Speck, is not at all happy about the deep snow since it is taller than him. He sticks to the plowed areas and Lee Anne's lap or the fireplace most of the day. Whatever you do enjoy the is more than we had all of last winter.
Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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