Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 starts cold and snowy

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Cargo Sled
Snow pile over firewood
Seems like everyday it has snowed a little during the past week. The result is a quickly disappearing firewood pile under the mounds of snow and less and less places to push the snow out of the way. It has also gotten colder with temps in the teens at night and highs in the mid 20's.

This is the year we are also saying goodbye to our snowmobile. We have put 3000 miles on it during our 11 winters in Leetonia, most of which were done during the first five years when our road wasn't plowed. It has hauled in more than its share of groceries, and building materials for jobs I did during the winter months. I am also selling the cargo sled if anyone is interested in that. Now that our road is plowed we haven't used the snowmobile at all the last two years.  The insurance company changed our insurance on it from $25 to $90 this year and that sealed the deal. We have never liked just riding around with it and used it primarily to get the things we needed to live back here. I will always remember it fondly when I think of my learning curve running it. The many times I flipped it or got stuck thinking I could drive it places it wouldn't go. The scary trips down roads that iced over and the late night trips to Cedar Run Inn to work. Once I learned its limitations it never failed us and owes us nothing as we bid it farewell.
Now that the snowmobile has been sold, I am sure we will get a lot of snow the rest of the year, cause isn't that just how life rolls. We had decided it was time to start clearing things out of our lives we don't use. It is easy to accumulate of lot of extra things and space to store them is very limited here. So 2013 is a time to go lean and smarter for the Mountain girls.
The dumped off cat is still hanging around eating the food I put out. It doesn't let us see it much and is quick to run at any noise. A response that might save it from some of the predators roaming around. I have seen quite a few bobcat tracks in the area and that is probably a small cat's biggest threat. Hope everyone has a great 2013. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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