Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deep Freeze

The weather has gone through quite a change this last week. On Martin Luther King day it was a balmy 44 degrees. Now I have been waking up to negative temperatures. Since we skipped these kind of temperatures last year it seems even more harsh this year. This has caused my intake of firewood to go up. As you can see my back porch wood is nearly gone. We will be switching to the front porch which has more in it than the back porch.
For those of you interested, I fixed a box with straw for the feral cat who showed up and it seems to be making it through this bitter weather. I feel bad for it stuck outside when it is so bitterly cold. But it could be worse if it had landed anywhere else during this weather. It might not have the food or shelter I am providing for it. Still no sign that it wants to be at all friendly.
Scooter found a new home last week and I am missing him. Speck and Leo don't feel the same about him leaving and are enjoying not being bothered by him. The tension level is gone and it is much easier for the household in that sense. He is living in a household much different than here down in Williamsport. I called Sunday to see how he was doing and they couldn't say enough nice things about him. I will be checking in on him regularly to make sure he is being taken care of.
Reports of the road going from Cedar Run to Leetonia is that it is passable with 4-wheel drive vehicles. I would suggest having chains with you and staying to the middle of the road. Remember the deep ditches fill with snow and look like solid road until you drive on them and get stuck. Also my rule of thumb when meeting snowmobiles is to stop and let them go around you don't get close to the edge of road without checking it by getting out and physically inspecting it. Make sure you have warm clothes with you and you can walk for help.
For now we are keeping the fire going, bundling up and sitting a little closer to the fire. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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