Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lost in Leetonia Cat

Cat looking in window

Cat on top six foot high fence
Finally, got a picture of the cat that was dumped on us. It decided a look into the window was in order. Lee thinks it wanted me to bring it out some more canned cat food. I have been giving it all it wants to eat of dry cat food, but since the weather went sub-zero, the SPCA site suggested giving canned food to feral cats during cold snaps. It still seems to be eating a lot of dry food, but since this is the first time it has made an attempt to look into the house, I am thinking she is right.
The cat is an extremely agile jumper. Easily perching on top of the six foot high dog fence.. I have had reports that the cat was seen in Leetonia for a while during the warmer months and up near a West Rim camp as well. But without regular food at these places it found some softies willing to give free handouts and a nice straw-lined box to keep it warm and dry for the winter.
Since Lee is allergic to cats this one could never come inside our house. My concern with outdoor cats is the number of small birds and other animals they kill as well as possible diseases un-vaccinated cats can get. Not the least which is rabies.  If it ever lets me touch it, it will definitely be getting a rabies and distemper shot.
For now the cat's biggest challenge will be staying alive with all the predators we have around. The worst being the Bobcats who are just as agile and quick as this small cat and won't think twice about turning it into a tasty snack.
So the cat won't get a name until it gets friendly for now it is just "Cat". I am hoping most of its diet will be mice around the house as I feel this is the least it can do for all the freebies it has been getting. Mountain Girl, logging out.

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