Saturday, January 12, 2013


For anyone thinking of driving anywhere but the plowed roads be ready to sink into 4-6 inches of slush. I walked down to the Leetonia Cemetery this morning and met Glenn driving on the road. He decided to put on his chains even though he only had a half a mile to go because of all the sliding and spinning he was doing. I noticed someone had come up Leetonia road and turned onto Francias-Leetonia road so it is possible. Four-wheel drive with chains and good nerves are mandatory to make the trip. It is very foggy out from the change in temperature of the snow and warm air flowing over it. Tomorrow the temperatures may even make it to 60, unbelievable for January. Monday we are supposed to start making the change back down to more normal temperatures for this time of year and go from rain to snow. One positive thing is the warmer weather is keeping the firewood use to a minimum. I have been able to enjoy walking in the warmer temperatures. The deep snow is keeping me to mostly road walking as the heavy wet snow makes it much harder to walk in other areas.
For those of you who followed my previous post about the two young men getting stuck in Leetonia with a large box truck, I received an email from on of the boy's dad, thanking me and letting me know they made it home at 3:45 am after a sort nap he went to work again at 6 am. I would never be able to work after being up for 24 hours and napping for an hour, guess it pays to be young. I was glad to hear they made it back alright.
For anyone else driving up here be careful getting help isn't always so easy. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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