Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Foggy Days and muddy roads

Foggy Days

Well today is about the third foggy day in a row; add the rain and it makes for messy roads. We only got up to 40 today here but in town where there isn't any snow it is about 10 degrees warmer. Most the snow is melting off the South sides of the mountain except on tops, but the North sides are still holding a couple inches of ice and snow. It is still passable coming up from Cedar Run, but it is tricky and I am still recommending chains with you if you need them. 
The part of the road that is plowed on the south side of Cedar Mt is a muddy mess. I sunk as much as 3 inches into the slippery mess on the way up. Slow speed is the only thing that keeps you from swerving in the slick mud. Tomorrow it is supposed to get windy. So we can expect some power outages. I am glad I got my big walk in on Sunday, because now it is just plain messy and ugly out there. We have some chance of sun Saturday, but the temperatures will start dropping tomorrow and I am expect ice to take the place of the slushy snow and mud. So not much good weather news for anyone wanting to visit. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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rockhouse said...

That is one depressing picture...hope the sun has come out ? Keep the faith.....and how is Lee healing? Is she ready for some firewood work yet ?