Friday, March 28, 2014

Elk Township starts work to reopen Leetonia Road

Road after grader
Yesterday I heard the sound of a large machine and looked outside to see the township grader coming down the road. Six large tires chained, some aggressive teeth and a blade hit the road past our house. I watched as the teeth bit into the ice in front of the grader and the large machine struggled swinging from side to side with wheels spinning a battle against the frozen ice and snow covered road. As Lee and I watched Ed run the machine up the road we had real concern for him navigating a winter's worth of ice and snow. The big grader has tasted defeat on this road before and there isn't any cell service to the South of us.

Just about the time Lee said, "Should I go look for him?" We heard the rumble of the heavy machine coming back. I went down and talked to Ed before I drove into town and he said that they may bring the truck with the plow on it down Saturday. He was hoping the coming rain would soften up the ice and make it easier to get off with the truck. 

The day he came it was still in the 20's and even after the grader beat on the road there was still \ 2-3 inches of ice left. He said he used the grader from my place down to just past Cedar Crest Camp. I am not sure I share Ed's optimism on that ice softening up enough that the truck will be able to plow it by Saturday, but I hope he is right.

It did start raining today and I was awoken to the sound of a Cardinal's call outside my window. The quiet mornings of winter are over. I spotted a Bluebird, Turkey Vulture, Rabbit, and fresh muddy bear tracks on my neighbor's porch. So the animals have put in a positive vote for Spring and with the arrival of the large yellow grader I too am starting to believe. 

You should still use four-wheel drive coming up the valley and be prepared for icy spots like the above picture if you come up this weekend. I think the majority of the ice might be gone before the following weekend as the temperatures are going well above freezing for the next ten days. Happy Road Opening. Mountain Girl, Paula, logging out.

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