Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leetonia Pictures from late 1800's

White House in Leetonia

Train in Leetonia

Indian Mail Box
Thanks to John Schilkin for these pictures he emailed me. They are self explanatory late 1800's. One picture the last one of the Leetonia stage brings a bit more questions about the Indian Mail Box location. I thought it was in the rocks near Red Rock Camp, but this looks like the stage is running right up to the side of the mountain. Either the stream has moved or I am in the wrong place all together. So if any of you have an exact location for the mailbox let me know. 

We still have quite a bit of snow and ice. I am hoping next week's run of warm weather will take a bigger toll on it. John can tell you first hand how much fun it is to drive on soft snow on a narrow road. Even with four-wheel drive he has a new respect for the unplowed section of Leetonia Road in March. I like to call it March madness without the sporting fun of basketball. March is about melting, mud, snow and ice and anything else the weather can dream up. April is safer they clear the road and we try to forget about winter for another season. Thanks again John for the pictures. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out and impatiently waiting for Spring.


Bill said...

Very cool pictyures. Thanks!

eaglebear said...

Just got a call from John Grube a member of Bear Mountain Camp. He said the bridge in front of Red Rock Camp used to be farther back much closer to camp. This combined with creek changes makes more sense that the Indian Mail Box is still near the camp where I thought it was. When the weather warms up and the road melts I will drive down for a closer view of the old road and bridge area.