Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Indian Post Box then and now

Late 1800s

Late 1800's bridge before rock

2014 March 
So this details the Indian Post Box disappearing act. It wasn't the rock that moved it was the bridge in the second picture which was moved further to the left by at least 75 feet. You can see from the last picture John Schilken took over the weekend the rock and hole are still there.  A few trees have grown up around it so it isn't as easily found in the summer. According to John Grube the bridge in the second picture was washed out in a heavy storm. The man fixing the bridge stayed at Red Rock camp and moved the bridge down to give the camp a little bigger front yard. You couldn't make a decision like that on your own now days. It took over 2 years of planning to put the new bridge in front of our house and they wouldn't move it on a whim.

John went down the road towards Cedar Run on Sunday and this is his road report:
  The road is ice down by the camp Cedar Crest (Camp below ours....  I believe).  From that point down to the Mine Hole bridge, the road is about 70% defrosted.  The stretch where you went over the hill between Mine Hole and 414 (where it gets narrow), is very ice.  I would say the lower section, Mine Hole down to 414 was 70% defrosted too.  There are definitely nasty areas in both areas where the road has limited exposure to the sun.  I'm sure you know where those are.  

Thanks for that information and the pictures of the Indian Post Box. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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