Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Photos no 3

Here are more camps on the edge of Leetonia going out of town towards Cedar Mt. Mick's place is first and the little place next to his and across the road Theresa's camp(The old Sammy Lawerence place). Enjoy the Holiday cheer and be glad you don't have to deal with the Icy snow here it is difficult to walk on without falling. Snowmobiling is out of the question until we get new snow. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out! P.S. I have one more video I will upload tomorrow that I took on Christmas day in Leetonia.


Anonymous said...

I have fond memories of the Sam Lawrence Camp as my family was involved with it from around the 1930's to a few years ago when we lost it to a tax sale. It looks beautiful now! No more sagging metal porch roof! I can provide you with more information about the Sam Lawerence Camp and my family is also interested in knowing what the new owners (we don't know them) have been doing with it. I can be contacted at

Thanks for the great Leetonia pics!

Ethan Smith

Anonymous said...

Looks like a winter wonderland. Thanks for the pictures


Anonymous said...

My grandfather is Mick Freed. As a young girl, my family often visited... especially during Old Home Week where my pappy would work the beer stand. I remember telling my pappy how I wished I could live with him. He always threatened that I would have to go to "mountain school". I always cried when it was time to go back home but I think Pappy was secretly relieved as we ate our "farewell pancakes" and he sent us on our way. I have so many fond memories and truly enjoy your pictures.

Thank you.
Amy Keller