Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mystery Bottle

Since Lee talked about the bottle in the video I decided to post a picture of it to see if any of you know what might have filled it.

She found it back by the pond and the date on the bottom is Sept., 1931 it has a shamrock on it as you can see.

Most people think it was filled with imported beer. But no one can tell us what kind. Any input would be great. Mountain Girl, Paula, logging out!

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Bill said...

Paula - Try out for some help with identifying the bottle.

As a dog owner, I was very sorry to hear about your pooch passing. Any idea what happened? Snake bite? He seemed way too young.

There is a saying that "Everyone deserves one good dog during their life." The problem is they just don't live long enough in the best of situations.

Scooter looks like another nice dog, so maybe you'll be lucky and get two in a row!

I also love the blog on the new (and old) pond. Very cool. House looks good too.

Keep up the blog. I enjoy it immensely as it provides some contact between my summer visits. The winter pictures are terrific and I enjoy the updates on the local events.