Monday, September 15, 2008

September Moon

After a violent night of wind storms and loss of power today. The moon rose over the mountains. A full moon up here is amazing. It is like someone turned on a large streetlamp outside. You can walk anywhere without a flashlight and see amazingly well.

On a night without a moon you best have a flashlight. I have had to walk long distances twice without light and it wasn't easy. The first time it was from my neighbor's house a mere quarter mile away. I had talked longer then the sun wanted to stay up and was rewarded with a shuffle home. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face or tell were the road was. My son was with me at the time and we both slide our feet down the gravel road and reached in front of us hoping not to feel anything furry. It wasn't until we were within a hundred feet of the house light that we could see a thing.

The second time happened to me in the winter about 3 years ago. After becoming stuck in the snow for the 6th time. I decided to walk home and get the snowmobile to bring the groceries home. Our car had driven fine on the road when it was below freezing but the warmer temps had made it break through the crust to the 12 or more inches of snow and hang up. I knew it would refreeze tomorrow and come out easier(and it did). But neglecting to have a flashlight in the car gave me a three mile walk in the dark with my dog, whom I only felt brush me now and then(at least I hope that was him). The snow on the road reflected just enough I could see it. That was a one long cold walk in wet clothes. No moon that night.

To me seeing the moon gives me comfort and hope. And when the world around you seems to fall apart, I hope it gives you comfort as well. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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