Saturday, June 6, 2009

Leetonia Work

Scooter loves to help and is posing in front of the dumpster and on top of some drywall in the trailer. I wish I could get him to unload it for me. Everything in the dumpster has been torn out of this cabin. It don't take long to fill up a dumpster. All the carpet and much of the walls and ceilings in some rooms are now resting in the dumpster.
The second picture shows what a room looks like in progress. This one has been striped to the bones and is being wired and insulated next. Soon it will have a drywall ceiling and knotty pine walls.
The last picture shows some cabinets in a cabin I just finished working on. We put knotty pine on the ceiling, remodeled the bathroom, painted the walls in the entire camp, but on a steel roof, gutters, rewired, and replumbed most of the plumbing. It was quite a job. The owners will be seeing it for the first time today and I know they will be surprised. Doing the creative parts and seeing the finished product is the rewarding part of my job.
Tearing out the old, moldy, scratchy insulation not so much fun. But you can't have one without the other and Scooter makes sure
to keep track of us the entire time. He makes an excellent clock and lets me know when 5PM rolls around. He bugs me if I run long and I often must. He looks forward to going home, eating and sleeping the rest of the evening.
Today is the road rally up and down the mountain. I do not like the traffic or the noise. So I will be tolerating it as well as possible. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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