Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Avery's Favorite Place

My Favorite Place

By Avery Cassel

My favorite place is our cabin in Leetonia. It is my favorite place because I can do almost anything there.

As I lay in the grass during the summer, I smell a rich, piney, fragrance throughout the forest. I hear the stream gurgling as it swallows the rocks. All I see around me is luscious green grass covering the ground like a blanket. The cool green grass tickles my toes. Damp mist drenches my body. Velvety leaves rustle when the wind rushes by.

In the winter I sit on the sofa in front of the fireplace that is crackling and popping. The trees around us are covered in a white dusting of snow. The smell of burning pine needles floods the cabin as the rich hot cocoa I am drinking burns the back of my throat.

Now I think you know why our cabin is my favorite place to be.

Thought you would all enjoy this 4th grader's opinion of Leetonia. I can remember being up here at that age and crying when I had to go home. Thanks for sharing Avery. Mountain girl, Paula, Logging out.

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