Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March forward

The last week of February was tough weather wise. We got hit with several snows. The first 12", then another 6", then another 6" rain and 4" more. We lost power twice during the period, but thankfully the power company got it back and running within about six hours using a track driven machine to get to the problem.
The first picture shows you what my back yard looks like. The snow is about 3 foot high from falling off the roof and piling up. We had thunder, lightening and rain that took quite a bit of it off yesterday, but still has a good amount to melt.
The second picture shows you how pretty the road looks right after a snow. It would be even
prettier if I could have stayed home to enjoy it instead of traveling on it. The last picture is right after the 4" snow the limbs hung heavy with snow and in the morning it gives you an icy feeling. This was taken as the sun came up and started to warm things up a bit.
There is little room to move snow around and everyone is very tired of winter. Although, we aren't through with the chance of snow, March does give hope that spring is just around the corner. According to the Groundhog, Spring is supposed to be early. So, Spring get here already! Lee is helping me with the painting at the school house as I finished the drywall. She will be varnishing all the wood to put up as wainscoting and the framing around the windows and doors. She will do most of this while I take a short run to Rockford, Illinois to help watch some grandkids for a week, while their parents are gone. It will be a rest from construction, but I can tell you keeping up with four kids is more tiring than any construction project. I have put in the order to Mother Nature to get rid of this snow while I am gone. Ha. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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