Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snow and no power again

We got six inches of wet snow on the night of March 23rd. It covered the rest of the wood we were working on splitting and made running the wheelbarrow up the hill impossible. But my sister and I got a good pile of wood split. Most of the rest of the wood is buried in about 6" of ice and won't be coming out until we get warmer weather. The first picture shows split stack. The second picture is before we started yesterday. It was much colder than the day before and wet gloves and a breeze made hands and feet get cold a bit faster.
Snowmobiles have been running all day even though about half the snow melted. It doesn't
look like much of the snow will melt until next Monday as the temperatures are going to drop into the low teens at night and stay below freezing for highs during the day.
Along with the snow we lost power again. I don't remember losing power this much in the winter since we have lived up here. The generator is a God send with the four extra visitors. Having water for showers and flushing is more than a convenience. It used to be when we were out of power I would go to creek and get a bucket of water to flush. If it was real cold this meant chopping through some ice first. Now it is just a matter of starting the generator and the well
works great.
In the last picture you see my sister's van covered in snow. Fortunately, we didn't get anymore snow last night and with the road plowed she was able to get out over the mountain.
I am formally putting the groundhog on notice. YOU ARE FIRED! That early spring you promised is not here! Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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